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Consensual Sadistic Sex Practices are Comparable to Meditation Experiences

The New Yoga? Sadomasochism Leads to Altered States, Study Finds

Last week, researchers from Northern Illinois University presented their findings at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Austin, Texas. This study surveyed only 22 participants during “rituals” inside a kink community in California. Though I’m skeptical of this study, I see the possibility that sadist sex, for some devotees, may light up the same brain regions as a mystic’s in deep meditation. After you read this you may be ready to trade in your yoga mat and prayer beads for nipple clamps and leather cuffs.

The researchers found that these practices may elicit similar feelings that one experiences during yoga or meditation. Additionally, the participants reported that they feel more connected to others when experiencing pain. While this may shoot down previous beliefs about sadomasochism, Ambler and Sagarin believe that further research is needed. More specifically, they want a closer minute-by-minute monitoring of these participants.

Read full article here Consensual Sadistic Sex Practices are Comparable to Meditation Experiences.

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