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Meditating With Help From Your Mobile Device

Can You Find Serenity On A Screen? Yes and No says NY Times article

Yes, devices can be distracting, destructive to our serenity. But our mobile phones are also great tools, if used constructively. If you are interested in learning meditation or guided meditations, I strongly recommend you search for free or fee meditation apps that may interest you. Personally, I don’t yet use any. Maybe I’ll try sometime.

I’m curious to know what you think of merging mind, meditation, and mobile device in your meditation practices. Have you tried an app? Do you think technology is a help or hinderance for serenity?

Remember: Skeptic meditations. Peace is a human creation, not divine or supernatural. You have the power to create peace anytime, anywhere with or without meditation. Meditation may help. It is only a tool. Meditation is only sacred if you think it brings you something special. Human dignity seems to be sacred, regardless what you say or think. Practice more reason, critical-thinking, and compassion and you can live a more dignified existence and can let go one-by-one of your superstitions and fears, and master your mind. That approach, my friends, is, in my opinion and personal experience, the only real path to freedom and serenity.

Seeking Serenity on a Screen: NY Times article

“Meditation is not something that’s easy to learn,” says Dr. Madhav Goyal, an assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University and an expert on meditation. “My own view is that if you want to learn it, then you should go to someone with a lot of experience who can guide you through the nuances and difficulties that a person faces when they’re trying to master their mind.

“And then once you’ve learned the skill,” he added, “that’s where these apps and technologies would be really helpful.”

Read full NY Times article here Seeking Serenity on a Screen –

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  1. As you hint, Scott, there are all sorts of types of meditation and an even greater number of reasons people run to meditation. It is the fit that matters — some folks just reinforce their bad mental habits when meditating. Too bad apps can’t guide you through that complicated maze. 🙂