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Is Meditation Overrated? Scientific Evidence Is Scant

The scientific evidence is scant for many of the practice’s widely touted benefits, says Scientific American



“Many people who meditate believe that meditation makes them healthier and happier, and a growing number of studies suggest the same”, says Melinda Wenner Moyer.

Skeptic Meditations: If a meditator believes meditation works, benefits are found. But, they could be experiencing a placebo effect. Better scientific studies are needed.

Moyer goes on in her Scientific American article, “Some scientists have argued that much of this research has been poorly designed. To address this issue, Johns Hopkins University researchers carefully reviewed published clinical trials and found that although meditation seems to provide modest relief for anxiety, depression and pain, more high-quality work is needed before the effect of meditation on other ailments can be judged.

Read the full article Is Meditation Overrated? – Scientific American.

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