padlock-154684_640Below is the site privacy and guest comment policies.


I do not share your personal identity information, including email address, with anyone or with any entity for any reason.  I encourage you to “Subscribe” and  “Comment” at SkepticMeditations. You can opt to receive email notifications when new content is posted.


I reserve the right to censor posted comments.

Your tone & style

1. Be respectful
a. No racist, sexist, homophobic or any other slurs against anyone
b. No personal attacks or ad hominum arguments

2. Be polite
a. No rude or foul language

3. Be honest and sincere
a. No explicit intention of provoking other commenters or blog authors
b. Engage with the post, sincerely. Then, if anyone is provoked that’s their problem

Your content

4. Engage with the post
a. Write on topic. I will delete off-topic or irrelevant comments
b. Email me if your comment is entirely unrelated to the post

5. Organize your thoughts and comments
a. Limit your comments to no more than 3-4 paragraphs, containing no more than 1-3 ideas
b. If you have numerous or lengthy comments, break them into separate comment posts
c. Rambling or unorganized comments will be edited or deleted

6. No soliciting
a. Comments that explicitly proselytize or promote your religion, teachers, websites, or products will be edited or deleted

7. Critique is welcome and appreciated
a. Contrary viewpoints are welcome and cherished. I learn and revise through your feedback
b. Address the posted topic directly and back your comments up with logical argument and/or verifiable data. Provide citations of quotes or sources where possible
c. Commenters understand that their stated opinions, teachers, or holy books are open to criticism and scrutiny. On this website, no authority is beyond doubt nor any holy text beyond scrutiny

I truly value your honest opinions and comments. My readers are amazing and I feel honored to be able to engage with you on this website. So we may continue, please follow the rules above. If you don’t like these rules, you are free to express yourself on your own blog or somewhere else.

Thank you!