Welcome to Skeptic Meditations

cropped-SkepticMeditations-Podcast-Artwork-v0.jpgI’m Scott, creator of Skeptic Meditations. If you question, doubt, or wonder about extraordinary claims of meditators, yogis, and mystics but don’t know where to start, this page is for you.

Here we critically explore yoga, meditation, and mindfulness: what they are and are not, who peddles them, where they can lead to danger and waste time and energy. Here, no authority is beyond question, no claim is beyond scrutiny. Our aim is to be smarter and safer; to learn and to grow.

My aim is simple: Share, be honest, learn from mistakes, and lead by example. I think meditation practices can have benefits though its easy for us to fool ourselves or get duped by gurus, media, or meditation advocates.

What to Expect

At Skeptic Meditations you find articles, critiques, and reviews examining the extraordinary claims of meditators, yogis, and mystics.

It has been my observation that devoted meditators often minimize the importance of reason and critical thinking, and implicitly or explicitly suggest that intellect is inferior (“egoic”) to feelings and intuitions. On the other side, many ardent skeptics may outright dismiss “spiritual” or “mystical” experiences as a hoax. At Skeptic Meditations we practice critical thinking and compassion to examine the potential benefits, side-effects, and dangers of meditation techniques, gurus and groups.

Where to Begin

You may want to begin by reading my About page for a brief introduction about my journey into a Hindu-inspired monastic order, my background in meditation practices, and why anyone should listen to me.

See the “Index to posts” organized by topic on the sidebar of each page.

Read the Blog for posts listed in reverse chronological order.

Visit Resources page for additional websites or blogs, books, movies, podcasts, and support groups you may find helpful when examining or coming out of meditation practices or groups.

What Skeptic Meditations Is Not

Let’s dispel with possible misconceptions and set realistic expectations before we go further.

Skeptic Meditations does not proselytize nor promote any religion, spiritual teachers or texts. Raised Christian and later ordained a monk for 14 years in a Hindu-inspired religion, I now am a non-believer who is post-god and post-faith. My aim is to share knowledge with you, that took me years to discover, about alternative interpretations of transcendental experiences and dangers of manipulative meditation-based organizations and teachers.

Meditation is neither all bad nor all good. Meditation practices are a mixed bag. The techniques, philosophies, and practices of meditation, of which there are many, may sometimes be harmful, sometimes beneficial. My “beef” is with ideas, not the people themselves, of extraordinary claims about meditation practice and to “peek behind the curtain” of advocators of these claims.

Personal experience is important but is mostly unreliable. We humans fall prey to many biases, cons, and tricks in our brains. Therefore, we ought to be skeptical, use reason and critical thinking when considering personal experiences and other’s supernatural claims.

I Appreciate You!

I want to hear your stories. I want to know how else I can help you. I want the Skeptic Meditations experience to be our experience, together. That’s how we learn and grow together.

I do my best to respond to comments and emails. I try to treat everyone fairly. (Here’s our communication Policies). Let me know if I can help or if you have suggestions. Best wishes with your journey and explorations.