Rules of Self-Realization Fellowship Monastic Order: Simplicity


Rule: The renunciate disciple seeks happiness through the ideal of simple living.

Reason: Even-mindedness is the goal of the devotee. Divine perceptions are possible only to an equilibrated mind. Moods victimize the average person, who mistakenly imagines that happiness is dependent on external factors, and who is thus alternately “on top of the world” and “down in the dumps.” But the devotee realizes that true happiness is a soul state. He wisely divorces his consciousness from the ever-changing situations of life and secures his peace of mind with daily deep meditation. To such an enlightened being God comes quickly.

Definition: True simple living is the unceasing practice of non-attachment, whereby man escapes from alternations of consciousness that overtake the undisciplined mind in this world of duality. One following the path of simple living meditates much; studies the teachings of the Guru daily; engages in selfless service with tireless enthusiasm; follows laws of healthful living (while avoiding fanaticism); finds pleasure in activities that strengthen body and mind, without neglecting his spiritual life; and at all times and under all circumstances practices “the presence of God.” The disciple’s counselor will guide him to an understanding and fulfillment of the ideal of simple living.

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